Downtown Dog Recycling Program

Has your leash or collar seen better days? Instead of tossing out your old leash or collar, send it back to us! As a part of our recycling program, Downtown Dog will replace the rope or hemp on any leash or collar using the original hardware you already have. 

Recycling Policies

Our recycling program is available to anyone that currently owns a leash or collar from Downtown Dog and to any new customers that purchases any leash or collar from Downtown Dog. As long as all of the hardware on your leash or collar is in working condition we can recycle your leash or collar.

Replacement leashes or collars must be of the same type as the worn leash or collar, since we will use your original hardware. For example, if you would like to recycle a 1/4" wide leash then your new leash must be a 1/4" wide leash. However, the length and color choice is totally up to you, including even additional upgrades or add-ons.

Recycling Steps

1. Fill out the form below with all of the information.

2. Mail your leash or collar back to Downtown Dog at:

Downtown Dog

6718 Ford Road 

Frederick, MD 21702

3. After we receive your leash or collar, you will receive an email that includes your 50% discount code.

4. Select and purchase new leash or collar.


Sender is responsible for shipping the original leash or collar to Downtown Dog. We recommend reciving tracking information, as Downtown Dog is not responsible for packages lost in transit to us.